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Anonymous asked: Rose, I have three questions.

One: is Kanaya the first woman you’ve been attracted to? Two: how did you feel about yourself following your attraction to a woman for the first while? Three: have you considered that your attraction to Kanaya, a very matronly woman in nearly all respects, might stem from the absence of a kind and loving mother figure while you were growing up? I don’t think that would devalue your relationship, and it just seemed really interesting from a Freudian perspective.

TT: … Oh my.

TT: Let’s tackle these in order, then, shall we?

TT: One: A lady never tells.

TT: Two: Quite the same as I generally feel about myself.

TT: Three: At the moment, I’m considering how glad I am that Kanaya is occupied elsewhere, as I suspect being called ‘matronly’ would send her into quite a froth.

TT: The last time she was truly angry, she pruned one of the decorative hedges so fiercely that I swear it cringes whenever she walks past it. I don’t wish such treatment on any of the other plantlife on the grounds.

TT: As for the rest of the question, I admit that I’m a bit too insulted by the suggestion that I have some sort of warped Oedipal complex and consider Kanaya a replacement mother to give much of an answer.

TT: We are peers, and treat each other as such.

TT: Really, anon. *Freudian analysis*? This is the twenty first century, not the nineteenth.

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