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Anonymous asked Nepeta: I just had a weird moment. Someone linked me a white noise generator on an ADHD blog, and I went, thinking it might be good for a little stress relief. In under a minute I went from perfectly fine to full on freakout, and it’s taken me half an hour of blasting music with my hands over my eyes to calm me back down enough to stop shaking. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Have you experienced this, or heard of it? Google is being very unhelpful. :(

AC: :(( < poor anon!    

AC: :(( < aauugh yeah ive had moments like that befurr it’s pawful :(  

AC :(( < what you expurrienced sounds a lot like what happens when i get overloaded 

 AC: :(( < purrsonally white noise is something that calms me a lot, but I can s33 how it might do the exact oppawsite to someone else!    

AC :(( < not effuryone is able to curl up with the same sounds and textures to relax  

AC: XXO <  i tried listening to a recording that was a heartbeat once and it really freaked me out!  

AC: :33 < but dont worry effuryone is different and theres nothing tabby ashamed of if a sound doesnt work for you!  

AC: :33 < you did the right thing by listening to loud music! self care is really impurrtant when that happens!  

AC: :33 < it took me a little while to learn which ones I liked best  

AC: :33 < the trick i found was to listen to different sounds while i wasnt already stressed out  

AC: :33 <  soon i found a big pile of sounds i can use when i need them!    

AC: :33 < like kittens purring and fireplaces crackling and rain drumming on the windows  

AC: XOO < but not rivers or waterfalls they make me have to p33  

AC: :33 < just take your time and youll find the purrfect ones fur you! 

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