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Anonymous asked: hey gamzee word is that you’ve been having fun with calliope. What do you two usually do?

TC: HaHa ShE’s ShOwInG mE hEr DrAwS mOsTlY.

TC: LiKe ThE oThEr DaY sHe WaS aLl To Be MaKiN tHiS cUtE-aSs PiCtUrE oF dOc WV, AlL gReEn AnD sTrIpY aNd ShIt, HaHa, I wIsH yOu CoUlDa SeEn It WaS tHe SwEeTeSt FuCkIn ThInG.

TC: SoMeTiMeS iF tHeRe’S tImE i’Ll FoLd HeR uP a PaPeR bUnNy Or SoMeThInG.

TC: (UsUaLlY tHeRe AiN’t ‘CaUsE sHe’S wAiTiN fOr HeR tUrN wItH WV aNd EvErYtHiNg.)

TC: I rEaLlY dIg HoW eVeRyThIn ShE’s AlL pUtTiN oN pApEr HaS sOmE tInY sToRy To It.

TC: ShE’s NoT rEaLlY gEtTiNg HeR tAlK oN aT pEoPlE bUt I tHiNk We’Re StIlL aLl BeInG tO uNdErStAnD eAcH oThEr PrEtTy GoOd. :oD

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