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yggidee asked: In the context of this AU, is there an actual Saint Lobaf, or is the place just named that to sound more wholesome? I don't know if you're allowed to title your treatment center after Brains and Fire, it's a little unseemly. (Actually there's a real-world LOBAF, it's the acronym name for a law firm)

TG: heres how i heard it

TG: the king of norway had a nerdy brother named lobaf

TG: olaf was older so he went on to be the king and the patron saint of norway but lobaf was a weirdo so he started going from village to village taking confessions from all the peons and shit

TG: wait does norway have peons

TG: whatever

TG: anyway blah blah blah he died when some shitty little church burned down

TG: maybe someone lit his rosary on fire i dunno he went back in and tried to save people is whats important

TG: i bet his brother pulled all kinds of crazy strings to get him sainted after that


TG: patron saint of nepotism cognitive behavioral therapy and french fries

TG: big brother gets the school on the hill little brother gets the laughing academy across town

GG: yeah right! you made that whole thing up. >:\

TG: what no

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