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:33 < my furrth grade teachers tried to make me stop stimming with my hands in school but my parents got the teachers in a m33ting and made them drop it

:33 < being stared at is okay if it means i dont have to f33l bad with no one knowing im upset

:33 < i dont rock as much as i used to but i make a lot of noises

:33 < thats why i meow so much h33 h33

:33 < it didnt used to be meows but i thought maybe that would be the cute kind of weird instead of the weird kind of weird

:33 < not that theres anything wrong with the weird kind of weird!!!!! 

:33 < my mom and dad are very active in my therapy because there is a lot of bad stuff out there being taught to autistic kids thats supposed to be for our own good but really only makes us pretend to be not autistic so other people wont have to be uncomfortable

:33 < thats kind of insulting dont you think

GA: Maybe You Should Get Involved With A Group When You Get Back To School Isnt There An Autism Speaks Chapter In Town


:33 < that horrible group

:33 < they have no right to use a puzzle piece

GA: Are They Bad

:33 < they are the worst!!!!

:33 < you are right though i do have some groups i am involved with and would like to work with in purrson

:33 < groups that let autistic people actually talk instead of trying to get rid of us!

:33 < their logo is a puzzle piece thats supposed to represent me and how i should be solved and fixed but puzzles are about understanding and s33ing the whole world more clearly!

GA: You Intend To Become Your Clubs President And Bring The Other Group Down Like Lions Hunting In A Wildlife Documentary Arent You

:33 < hell yes! :DD

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