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Anonymous asked: Hey Eridan, as a fellow writer I was wondering how you got started.


for starters i didnt mess around with any a that bullshit spiral bound notebook shit

i got myshelf a proper typewwriter an banged out my first novvel at 13 just from readin an gettin the feel for it that wway

im self taught all the wway since they dont teach reel wwritin at school especially not the genre a fantasy an sci fi although i only read a little sci fi if the authors someone i knoww already

my novvel wwas intense as shit it wwas all aboat this orphan wwho finds a phoenix egg an ends up savvin the entire wworld a light from the dark kingdom Z’atadmé an its armored princess wwho evventually turns her cloak an joins the forces a light wwhen she falls in lovve wwith the protagonist an his phoenix soulbond

it was 32 chapters with 3 parts an a cliffhanger epilogue 

fuckin epic stuff

it almost got published cause mom kneww this agent from new york wwho wwould take a look at it wwithout me havvin a bunch a connections in the business but he said it wwas too similar to this book he wwas already puttin out 

fuckin christopher paolini mine was better its like he got in my dreams an ripped me off an didnt evven do it right


i lovve my typewwriter i wwrote tons a short stories on it too

its an original fuckin underwwood too like wwilliam faulkner used

scored it at one a moms borin ass antique auctions wwhile she an her friends stared at shitty paintings and gossiped ovver champagne

i do keep a moleskine notebook these days

i evven got this nice mont blanc ingrid bergman special edition pen to go wwith it that dad gavve me for my birthday last year since he couldnt be there for the dinner

i cant havve it here on account a i might go an do somethin rash wwith the pointy tip

i aint gonna shit all ovver a real moleskine wwith a crayola felt tip pen itd be a fuckin sin 

i really miss my typewwriter though shes one of a kind

maybe ill ask if i can havve mom mail it to me or somethin if she can find the fuckin time before her vacation to coddamn maui

shed better bring me back a souvvenir this time

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