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7 Cups of Tea

Heyo! Just noticed your guys’ resource tag and thought I’d toss this your way.

For those unaware, 7 Cups of Tea is like IMAlive’s helpful kid sister. It’s completely anonymous, free to use, and connects you to a volunteer to talk through an instant messaging client. The main difference between 7Cups and IMAlive is that while IMA is a suicide helpline, 7Cups is an online counseling service.

As a long-time listener at 7 Cups, I’ve had all kinds of callers and been delighted to talk with every one. I’ve had all kinds of people, from those who really need to work though a specific issue to those who just had a crummy day, and all are valid and welcome. The listeners at 7cups vary from those at IMAlive because they just pop in whenever they have a moment, so you dont need to worry about wasting anyone’s time.

Drop by next time you’re feeling off!

NOTE!! If you’re suicidal, harming yourself, or in immediate danger this is not the place for you. The listeners do care, but are instructed to refer and bail if they believe this is the case for liability purposes. Skip a step and call a hotline!

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TA: so where are we goiing agaiin?

TA: what wa2 2o iimportant that you had two drag me away from candy cru2h?

TA: iis iit the laundry room?

TC: NaW wE’rE gOnNa Go sEe BrIgHt EyEs, ReMeMbEr?

TC: LaUnDrY rOoM cOmEs AfTeR. ;o)

TA: 2iince when do you lii2ten two iindiie 2ob rock, aren’t you iinto weiird clown rap?

TC:  HaHaHAHaHaHa BrOtHeR wHaT aRe YoU eVeN sMoKiN’? hElL yEs I dIg On ThAt KiNdA bItChTiTs TuNeAgE, bUt HoW’s ThAt BeInG tO dO wItH bRiGhT EyEs FoR?

TA: iit’2 a band.

TC: NaH, mAn, NeVeR eVeN hEaRd ThAt NaMe. I oNlY eVeR uP aNd WiTnEsSeD tHe BeSt WiCkEd LiTtLe PaInTsLiNgEr I eVeR dId SeE.

TC: ThEeEeErE sHe Is.

TC: SoLbRo, MeEt My GiRl BrIgHt EyEs. :o)


TA: oh, uh, hello liittle giirl who ii2 not conor ober2t.

UU: ^u^

TC: ThIs Is My BrO, SoLlUx. He’S tHaT cOmPuTeR wIzaRd I wAs AlL tO bE teLliNg YoU aBoUt.

TA: … computer wiizard, what.

UU: …

TC: OnLy ThE TrUtH. ;o) WhAtChA aLl WoRkIn’ On ToDaY? Is It CaTuRdAy?



TA: huh, that’2 cute.

TC: AwW hEcK yEaH, tHaT’s OnLy BeInG tHe PrEtTiEsT KiTtEn WhAt EvEr GoT dRaWeD. wHaT’s He GoT tHeRe, SoMe CaTnIp? 

TA: “heck yeah”?


TC: HaHaHaHa Oh NoOoOo

TA: what a douche, miice barely have, liike, any money.

TC: (SoLlUx CaPtOr.)

TA: (what!)

TC: (YoU mOtHeRlOvIn’ ZiP iT.)

TA: oh my g

TA: go2h.

TA: who’2 the 2word guy?


TA: aw, look at hii2 liittle fruiity cape.

TC: ThAt’S a RiGhTeOuS cApE iS wHaT tHaT iS.


TC: aNd WhAt’S hE aLl Up AnD gOnNa Do To ThAt MoNdAyFrIdAy FeLiNe FeLoN?


TC: HaHaHa hE’s AlL lIkE pChOoOoO!

TA: 2weet ju2tiice, lol. 222222uck iit!

TA: nnmph!

TC: My GoOd BrO gOt HiMsElF A bAd CaSe Of FrOgMoUtH, hE’s To Be cAtChIn’ FlIeS LeAvInG iT aLl wIdE oPeN lIkE tHaT. 

TA: mngh!


TA: ffhhffhfffh ffh ffh hh fhh hf!

TC: YeEeEaH, tHaT’lL lEaRn’Im.


TC: YeAh, I dIg. StIlL, ThAt’S a WiCkEd CoMiC yOu GoT. mAyBe yOu CoUld Be dRaWiN’ mY bRo TaVrOs OnE sOmEtImE.

TC: hE’s AlL aLlErGiC aNd sTuFf, SnEeZeS hIm Up A sToRm EvErY tImE hE aLl TrIeS tO uP aNd PeT oNe. :o(


TC: Ow BrO yOu WaTcH tHaT bUzZsAw GrIlL!

TA: pfah. bluh. fiine.

TA: yeah, that ii2 a kiick-a2tronaut 2tory riight there. thank2 for showiing iit two u2, kiid.

UU: …

TC: HeY, mE aNd SolBrO aLl GoTtA gEt SoMe LaUnDrY dId, BuT I’lL sEe YoU lAtEr OkAy?

UU: ^u^

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Anonymous asked: Hey Eridan, did you hear back from your therapist on the borderline/avoidant comorbidity thing? I'm curious because that really sounds like a friend of mine. They're also autistic, so maybe that screening's not a crock after all. I hear you on the media blaming it for kids acting out, and not reporting on the bullying and whatnot, but it's still worth knowing, right?

cA: yeah wwe talked about it last wwednesday

cA: bunch a guff about howw the exact diagnosis isnt wwhat the doc is all about especially wwith my age to be considered but wwould it make me feel better to havve it all explained

cA: and i said i guess it wwould 

cA: so he says theres another name for it wwhen you fit some parts a more than one personality disorder

cA: just personality disorder not otherwwise specified wwith blah blah and blah blah features apparently

cA: fill in the blah blahs wwith wwhatevver your other doctors put on the paperwwork originally

cA: theres evven a little number for it but i forget

aG: 301.9, 8roseph. How far are you even gonna get if you don’t learn your 8asic shit?

cA: hey vvris when exactly did pyrope die and make you the head shrink around here because im pretty sure i saw her tappin dowwn the hallwway not twwo hours ago

aG: Oh please, it’s 8asic survival in the system.

cA: wwhatevver

aG: You 8etter learn the game fast, kid, or it will chew you up and sh8 you out.

cA: wwhat game

aG: The only game there is. Staying safe in a crazy-ass world full of losers staring at walls. You’re looking at the master.

cA: uh

cA: huh

cA: So now you got your shiny new pdnos you wanna join the Cool Kids Club, right? ::::D

cA: wwhy wwould i wwant to be in a club wwith you or anyone like you

aG: F8NE!!!!!!!! Invitation rescinded. Go 8ack to plying dirty n8cho with the rest of the ree-rees in 8a8y 8onnet row. Just d8n’t come crying to me l8r when no8ody else g8s you and they tr8 you l8ke complete sh8.

cA: first off

cA: like i care wwhat anybody thinks a me

cA: and second youre the wworst person in here so wwhy wwould i go to you for anythin but a headache that lasts all day

aG: Wwah, wwah, wwah!!!!!!!! I’m gone.

cA: 8itch

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Anonymous asked: How's Dave doing?

tG: ehh

gG: cmon dave dont answer if you arent going to say anything!

tG: i dont got anything to say

gG: the fuck you dont! >:(

tG: okay well im both fine and highly dandy 

tG: wow i hope my picture looks good for when this news flash makes the front page tomorrow

gG: dave youre doing the thing again!

tG: the thing

gG: yes the thing!!!

gG: the thing we talked about in group?

tG: harley you did all the talking in group 

gG: EXACTLY!!!!!!! thats my whole entire point, you dickweed :P

tG: what do you want me to say

gG: whatever YOU want to say, dave! how do you FEEL?

tG: like it doesnt matter what i say because its just gonna sound stupid anyway so WHY BOTHER

gG: stupid how?

tG: i dunno 

tG: whiny

gG: dave you are the last person in this building i would call whiny. in fact its your stupid lametastic stoic act that drives people CRAZY!

tG: whatever dude

tG: it sounds whiny to me

tG: cuz every time i open my mouth stuff comes out that sounds like im saying shit wrong

tG: and im like no that aint how it was why cant i say it right

tG: christ this place is getting to me i feel like im losing my fucking mind

tG: ever since the hearing i feel like yall are watching me making judgments

tG: youre just seeing one side of the story

tG: it wasnt like that ok

gG: what was it like, then?

tG: my bro

tG: he did the best he could 

tG: people dont get us and and im not gonna help make things worse

tG: yeah okay so there were some problems

tG: at least he was there

tG: nobody else gave a fuck right so like

tG: im not gonna make him sound like something he aint just because he made some mistakes and it sounds bad when i try to say how it was

tG: sometimes its like im over in another part of the room watching me talk and im like

tG: what the fuck is that kid even saying it sounds so

tG: so bad

tG: and thats not

tG: he wasnt

tG: see i told you it was whiny

gG: look at you being mister wrong about feelings strider

tG: jade

gG: dave i want to tell you something important

tG: ok

gG: i still love my grandpa

gG: and kanaya and rose and the others, they still care about their moms and dads, even though sometimes i dont see how they can stand it

gG: i think everybody here gets what you are trying to defend and why!

tG: yeah but they didnt get taken away from their parents for telling the truth

gG: maybe some of them should have been

aC: :33 < what are we talking about?


aC: :33 < take mine! it has sesame s33ds!


aC: :33 < whoa strider how come your face is all blotchy

gG: oh um

tG: i went out in the sun without my flower bonnet

tG: fuckin vampire genes you know

gG: i was just ripping into him about it, skin cancer is no joke!

aC: :33 < well thats too bad, i hope you dont blister and get cancer and die!


tG: thanks

tG: yall saved my life

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Anonymous asked: Can we still submit things for your resources tag? Because mentalillnessmouse has a lot of good things, and helped me through a crisis a while ago

[by all means, if you find a #resources-worthy post, please feel free to submit it or link it and tag it #brainbent so we can reblog it.]

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Anonymous asked: So Equius- how do you feel about Ms. Peixes?

cT: D —> She is a consummate professional in every way

cT: D —> Her attitude is e%cellent, her charts are impeccable, the residents are very fond of her and she never complains without a good reason

cT: D —> She maintains order with the young ladies on campus without being e%cessively aggressive toward them, and with some of our residents that is quite a feat

cT: D —> That said, I do worry that her wardrobe may occasionally be somewhat inappropriate for the setting

cT: D —> Though I have been instructed to mind my own “beeswax” on the matter

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Anonymous asked: Have there been any unfortunate sessions of slam poetry lately?

tT: It has been strangely quiet for days now. I’ve begun to feel a strange sense of foreboding, as if something terrible is building in the air around us.


gG: its called a slant rhyme, dumbass, i looked it up and they’re completely acceptable in rap!

cG: UGH.


gG: sore loser :P :P :P :P

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Anonymous asked: I'm confused, is anyone actually "together" or "sexually involved" in the facility? Or has been a thing? I know that Kanaya and Rose are being cute as always, but what about everyone else?

tA: nobody ha2 phyii2iical contact wiith anybody, ever.

tT: Absolutely not.

tA: and certaiinly not iin the liittle alcove behiind the washiing machiines.

tT: Kissing someone back there would be completely against the rules.

tA: and un2aniitary, have you 2een tho2e liint ball2?

tT: I have become rather fond of them, actually. Like dusty little microcosms of an ecosystem, supporting all manner of scuttling dark life in their fluffy gray masses.

tA: the thiing2 tho2e wad2 of bellybutton liint have 2een.

tT: They have seen nothing, Sollux. Nothing.

tA: but iif they diid, iit would be totally hot.

tT: Oh, totally.

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Anonymous asked: I have a major question, as this is a major GLB facility, has there been incidents of patients not being able to "cope" around others there due to how much some of them seem to flaunt their sexuality over others at times.

tT: There have been a few, I must admit.

gA: The Ones We Could Not Corrupt

tT: Convert, Kanaya. Convert.

gA: Yes Convert Silly Me Anyway What Became Of Them I Forget

tT: Why, they do seem to have disappeared, don’t they?

gA: What A Mystery

tT: It may be that they checked out in the night, fleeing our pervasive influence.

gA: Perhaps They Had Help From Outside A Sort Of Morality Ninja Squad To Smuggle Them Off Campus Immediately After Checks

tT: The theatrics really shouldn’t have been necessary. We would have let them go in peace, had we only known we were being gay too loudly for their taste. It just never occurred to me that this would be a problem!

gA: Yes I Feel Really Terrible

tT: I blame myself entirely for the Indigo Girls Twerking incident, which I now realize may have had a literal body count.

gA: Oh We Should Never Have Been So Visibly Sapphic In our Celebration Rose Look What We Have Done

tT: I hereby renounce my wayward homosexual adolescence. It can only bring this nation to ruin.

gA: I Only Flaunted It A Little Bit

tT: A little is all it takes, I’m afraid. We must commit ourselves to a life of suitable chastity and constant vigilance.

gA: It Will Be Tough But It Is Only Fair

tT: I for one am proud to do my part in making this space safe for those people who need representation the most.

gA: Thank Goodness This Ask Reached Us When It Did

tT: In a word, phew!

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theslitherydee asked: "Cute kitty act?" Nepeta, what are you hiding under there?

aC: :33 < what

aC: :33 < you didnt know

aC: :33 < i am actually a mountain lion

aC: :33 < a mostly bald really weird looking mountain lion with a second mutant mouth i use mostly for devouring the unwary

aC: :33 < telemarketers

aC: :33 < and primal roars

aC: :33 < sometimes all thr33 at once!

aC: :33 < grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-r-r-r-rr hmmmmm whats this delicious smell

aC: :33 < could that YOUR helpless chubby little man-cub i spy playing in the meadow through these bushes?

aC: :33 < think i will slink on over there real sneaky like and have myself a squalling pink snack while no one is looking! >:33

aC: :33 < *pounces, f33ds, naps amid scattered bones*

aC: :33 < s33 like that

aC: :33 < due to the nature of my condition and the stigma that surrounds it i have b33n advised that it is polite make it clear to my friends who come to visit me that eating people is only pretend for me and you are in no danger whatsoever beclawse i am actually furry well-adjusted with a solid grasp on the diffurrence betw33n role playing and real life

aC: :33 < i simply choose not to stay in real life all the time because wow YAWN XOO

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malycef asked: I could've sworn I'd seen this answered, but I can't find it, so sorry if it's a repeat! If I wanted to roleplay the Brainbent version of someone, would that be OK? I'd give credit for the 'verse concept (and many thanks :D), of course.

[it’s totally okay with us! if people are interested, send them over to the blog. -vd]